The University of Cape Coast (UCC) is an equal opportunity university, uniquely placed to provide a quality education through the provision of comprehensive, liberal, and professional programs that challenge learners to be creative, innovative, and morally responsible citizens. Through distance learning, also extends expertise and facilities to train professionals for the education enterprise and business by employing modern technologies. The University constantly seeks alternative ways to respond to challenging needs.

The university was established in 1962 out of a dire need for highly qualified and skilled manpower in education. It was established to train graduate teachers for second-cycle institutions such as teacher training colleges and technical institutions, a mission that the two existing public universities at the time were unequipped to fulfill. The university has since added to its functions the training of doctors and health care professionals, as well as education planners, administrators, legal professionals, and agriculturalists. UCC graduates include Ministers of State, High Commissioners, CEOs, and Members of Parliament.

In contrast to the situation in the last quarter of the 20th Century when higher education institutions in Africa experienced setbacks in the form of dwindling government support engendered by the low priority given to higher education, the beginning of the 21st Century has seen renewed interest in higher education at the national and international levels.

In Ghana, the introduction of the Ghana Education Trust Fund (GETFund) and the institution of user fees for students have increased educational funding and have assisted to improve infrastructure. Efforts made to improve the conditions of service of the staff and the support for research have helped to reverse the brain drain which had stifled the development of higher education institutions.

This requires that the University of Cape Coast, as a public university, must significantly transform its knowledge and research base, curricula, modes of delivery, academic support, and corporate culture. It also needs to draw from its strengths to leverage resources in its quest to create niches for itself. The discovery of offshore oil and gas in the University's catchment area for research and outreach, the serenity of its location, the vast coastal and forest resources, and its leading role in education in Ghana, place UCC in good stead to expand its scope of research activities, to develop new academic programs and to attract first-class staff and students.

UCC has been able to innovate and transform itself over its half a century of existence. It has the same capacity now to respond to the needs of the country, its constituencies, and academic pursuits. While the University seeks to innovate in its course offerings and research activities in order to raise funds, it must remain focused on the fundamental essence of tertiary education, which is to foster a nurturing environment for critical thinking and life-long learning. The study of intangible and esoteric issues has formed the fundamental raw material of all civilizations. The third strategic plan has been conceptualized to ensure the maintenance of this core function of higher education while at the same time providing the road map to take advantage of the changing scene in higher education delivery and in the global world generally.

The University of Cape Coast has the following colleges:

  1. Graduate Studies
  2. Education Studies
  3. Distance Education
  4. Health And Allied Sciences
  5. Humanities And Legal Studies
  6. Agriculture And Natural Science

Cape Coast, Central, Ghana

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