About Kafrelsheikh University

Kafrelsheikh University is one of the most beautiful universities in the world. The university campus is distinguished by a privileged location in the city of Kafr El-Sheikh, and unique modern buildings equipped with educational capabilities and elements and facilities supporting the educational process, recreational and health facilities, nutrition and accommodation, sports fields, in addition to the green areas, which made it look like a resort Or a tourist park, and a university environment that is friendly to a sustainable environment, stimulating creativity and innovation, and creating hope.

Containing the university nineteen colleges and three institutes graduate, five scientific faculties of agriculture, engineering, science, Science Fisheries and Fisheries, and Computing and Information and seven faculties of health is medicine and pharmacy and dental and treatment of natural and Nursing and the Faculty of Medical and Applied Sciences, This is in addition to the College of Veterinary Medicine.

University also includes six colleges of science is human education and quality of education , and Education Sports and Arts and Commerce and tongues and rights . It includes institutes of scientific both of the Institute of Science and Technology Nanotechnology and the Institute for the discovery and development of medicine and Technical Institute of Nursing. There is a university hospital equipped with the latest medical equipment to provide medical services to all segments of society.

The university is proud of the programs it offers at the undergraduate and graduate levels in many disciplines to develop the skills of the university’s male and female students to comply with the requirements of the labor market, through a strategic plan that focuses on the quality of learning and innovation in research, and enhances the university’s role in community service, and supports research capabilities and interest in research Applied scientific, in order for the university to be a distinguished expertise house for contractual research and scientific consultancy, to be implemented under contracts for the benefit of the beneficiaries .


Vision: “ Excellence in the quality of education and scientific research and leadership in building a knowledge society. ”

Mission: “ Providing a stimulating environment for teaching, learning and intellectual creativity, preparing distinguished graduates qualified to meet the needs of the labor market, and providing distinguished community services and applied research, in a way that advances the local community and


  • Practical And Engineering College
  • Medical Colleges
  • Humanity, Administrative and Educational colleges

Kafr El Sheikh University
Arab Republic of Egypt, Kafr El-Sheikh
Tel: 0473214998


Kafr el-Sheikh, Egypt


Kafrelsheikh University

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