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The National School Inspectorate Authority (NaSIA) is an agency of the Ministry of Education mandated by Parliament to provide an independent external evaluation of the quality and standards in basic and second cycle educational institutions in the country on a periodic basis.

In 2008, the Education Act, 778 established the National School Inspectorate Authority, formerly known as National Inspectorate Board (NIB) with 3 main responsibilities:
(a) School Inspection,
(b) School Evaluation and
(c) Enforce Standards.

What We Do

  • School Establishment
    NaSIA regulates the establishment of new schools and the quality of infrastructure and facilities in Pre-Tertiary Educational Institutions
  • School Licensing
    NaSIA is the Agency under the Ministry of Education, responsible for the registration and licensing of new and existing Pre-Tertiary Educational Institutions
  • School Inspection
    NaSIA’s School Inspections support quality school leadership and governance in order to maintain the highest educational standards.
  • Enforce Standards
    NaSIA’s monitoring and evaluation measures in the educational sector are key to upholding set standards and uncovering issues.
  • School Ownership Transitions
    NaSIA requires that proprietors (person(s) or organization) that intends to Cease Operation, Transfer Ownership, or be absorbed by the government should follow statutory requirements and responsibilities associated with the Transition process as outlined by NaSIA.

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Private Mail Bag 18, Ministries Post Office,
Armeda St. Yooyi Lane, Roman Ridge, Accra. [ GA-089-1361 ]


Roman Ridge, Accra, Greater Accra, Ghana


National School Inspectorate Authority (NaSIA)

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