Darko Farms, located in Kumasi, Ghana, is an agro-industrial complex with a highly integrated network of production units. It is the largest poultry farm in Ghana. The company facilities stretch over 1200 acres on 8 different sites. With an annual production of over 5 million day-old-chicks, 30 million table eggs, 780,000 units of chicken, and 30,000 tons of animal feed, Darko Farms has set the standard in agricultural development in Ghana. The company is currently in partnership with Tyson Foods of USA to supply poultry orders to the surrounding regions.

Darko Farms has, since its establishment, been engaged in producing poultry products for both the local market and export markets. The company, which started operations with just 900 layer birds for the production of eggs in 1967 has grown and expanded its activities to become the most integrated poultry facility operating in Ghana.

Our Feedmill has two grinders/mixers, which can produce up to 4 tons per hour.  The feedmill is connected to a 1,000 ton grain silo for production on a large scale. The Darko Farms feedmill is also connected to a large warehouse that can store 3000 tons of raw materials. Additionally, the feedmill utilizes a batch dryer system with a capacity to dry up to 4 tons of maize, grains, minerals and raw feed materials per day.

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