About the Aburi Botanic Gardens

Aburi Botanic Garden was officially opened in March 1890.
Aburi Botanic Garden has had many roles over the years including plant introduction and teaching scientific methods of agriculture but today is one of the world's 1,800 botanic gardens leading the fight to save plant diversity through, research, conservation of medicinal plants, plant multiplication, horticulture training and environmental education.

Prior to the establishment of the garden, the Gold Coast Government had built a sanatorium at the site for convalescing Government officials in 1875. In 1899, during the Governorship of His Excellency Sir W. Brandford-Griffith K.G.M.G., a few hectares of land was cleared in vicinity of the sanatorium to begin the Botanic Deparment.

The clearing was done under the supervision of a German serving the Basel Mission. In 1890 Mr. William Crowther, a student from the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew arrived in the Gold Coast(now Ghana) as the first curator of the botanic garden

.Physical Data
Natural Vegetation Area: Yes
Natural vegetation area: Size: 52 Hectares
Landscaped Area: Yes
Landscaped Area: Size: 12 Hectares
Total Area: 64 Hectares
Latitude: 5.8469
Longitude: -0.1755
Altitude: 460.00 Metres

Features and Facilities
Open to the public: Yes
Number of Visitors: 75000

Main Address:
Aburi Botanic Gardens
PO Box 23
Akwiapim Ghana

Telephone: 233 244074040
Fax: 233 2177 7821
Primary Email:


Aburi, Eastern, Ghana


Aburi Botanic Gardens

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