What we do
Our principal business lies in building, acquiring, and operating telecommunications towers that are capable of accommodating and powering the needs of multiple tenants.

What We Do

These tenants are typically large MNOs and other telecommunications providers who in turn provide wireless voice and data services, primarily to end-consumers and businesses.

We also offer comprehensive tower-related operational services, including site selection, site preparation, maintenance, security, and power management. We provide space on our tower sites under a combination of master lease agreements (MLAs), which provide the commercial terms that govern the provision of tower space, and individual site agreements (ISAs), which act as an appendix to the relevant MLA and include site-specific information. We also enter into ground lease agreements with property owners to host our sites on their land.

Our assets
Helios Towers is a leading independent telecoms tower company in Africa and the Middle- East. We have a strong position in all our markets and are the market leader and sole independent telecoms tower company in Tanzania, the Democratic Republic of Congo ("DRC"), Congo Brazzaville ("Congo B"), and Senegal.

Our customers
Our core business is to provide mobile network operators (MNOs) with tower site space, power, and related services for their active network equipment. As our markets have little or no fixed line voice or data infrastructure, the services we provide are essential for the development of communities.

We promote sharing of infrastructure through colocating multiple MNOs on each tower site. This consolidation of assets not only delivers maximum cost benefits to our customers but also reduces the environmental impact for the local populations we serve.

In addition, we construct new assets including ‘build-to-suit (BTS) towers, and localized small cell and in-building solutions. These are located in high-potential areas where our customers are looking to expand, due to the continued growth of mobile voice and data communications across our markets.

Where We Operate

We operate today in six high-growth markets: Tanzania, Democratic Republic of Congo, Congo Brazzaville, Ghana, and South Africa, and Senegal.

Although our fleet of over 7,000 towers gives extensive geographic reach, our focus lies equally on operational excellence. We constantly seek to drive up uptime and reliability for our customers, while treading lightly for our neighbors and environments.

As these under-penetrated markets grow, we are also excellently placed to integrate acquisitions and pioneer new services.


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Helios Towers

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