About Koforidua Technical University (K.T.U) 

Koforidua Technical University over the years has produced high-level career-focused and skilled manpower to support the country’s industrial growth. Koforidua Technical University was established as a Polytechnic in 1997 in the Eastern Region of Ghana. Its status changed to a Technical Universities on 1st September 2016 in compliance with the Technical University Act 2016, (Act 922).  It is an outstanding tertiary institution in the Eastern Region and one of the fastest-growing Technical Universities in Ghana with immense prospects.

The University started with a “solo block” structure and a handful of students in 1997. However, it has currently grown in respect of student population, programmes, Faculties as well as infrastructural development.

The University currently, can currently boast of five (5) Faculties and one Institute with about eight thousand (8,000) students. They are:

  1. Faculty of Business and Management Studies (FBMS)
  2. Faculty of Applied Science and Technology (FAST)
  3. Faculty of Engineering (FOE)
  4. Faculty of Built and Natural Environment (FBNE)
  5. Faculty of Health and Allied Science (FHAS)
    Institute of Open and Distance Learning

The University offers thirteen (13) B-Tech programmes, twenty (20) HND programmes, and other Diploma and Certificate Courses in business, engineering, and science disciplines. The Faculties are resourced with the requisite manpower to facilitate teaching and learning in the University.

The institution attracts both local and international students.  Over the years, the University has trained the much-needed middle – level professional personnel with specific technical skills in engineering, health sciences, food technology, computer sciences, applied mathematics, business studies and entrepreneurship.  This has contributed tremendously to the country’s industrialization process.

Koforidua Technical University has a hostel and several private hostels on campus for all prospective Students both Ghanaian and International Students.


To be a Reference Point for World-Class Science and Technology Education and Applied Research


To provide tertiary level technical education through the development of carrier-focused skills in collaboration with industry.


  1. Innovation       –           constantly seeking creative ways of doing things better
  2. Integrity           –           original and sincere in all we think and do.
  3. Impact             –           bringing desirable change to the larger community.



Commitment and Teamwork

Koforidua Technical University aspires to become a vibrant centre of learning and research as well as a catalyst for development and economic growth for Ghana.

The emblem of Koforidua Technical University consists of the artistic arrangement of two basic elements, which are unswerving with the core objectives of this noble Institution – Teaching, Research, and Service to humanity. These elements are the Adinkra symbol and a Gear.

The traditional Ghanaian Adinkra symbol “Nea onnim no sua a, ohu” is placed at the centre of the emblem. A Gear (in orange) with a blue outline surrounds the Adinkra symbol in a white background.
The name of the Institution (written on a blue background) can be found at the outer of the above elements and it is artistically designed to fit the path of the circle to hinge on the slogan (in white background) “Innovating for Development” at the bottom of the emblem.

COLOR BLUE (#004C84)

Symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, truth, and intelligence.


Is associated with the core values of the University – Creativity, Determination, and Teamwork.


Is considered to be the color of perfection. This is in line with the University’s quest to provide quality teaching and Learning.


The name of this Adinkra symbol is “Nea onim no sua a, ohu” To wit “ he who does not know can know from Learning” underscores the University’s status as the repository of knowledge, wisdom and Lifelong education.


The Gear symbolizes the application of scientific knowledge for socio-economic development

List of Programs Offered at Koforidua Technical University 

  1. Advanced Fashion Design & Textiles - Regular (2 years)
  2. Bachelor of Science in Computer Science  - (Top-Up) Weekends   2 years
  3. Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (Top-Up)  Weekends 2 years
  4. Bachelor of Technology Accounting (Top-up)  - Weekends    2 years
  5. Bachelor of Technology Applied Statistics (Top-Up)  - Weekends  2 years
  6. Bachelor of Technology Automotive Engineering (Top-Up) - Weekends   2 years
  7. Bachelor of Technology Building Technology (Top-Up)   - Weekends  2 years
  8. Bachelor of Technology Civil Engineering (Top-Up) - Weekends 2 years
  9. Bachelor of Technology Health Statistics (Top-Up)   - Weekends  2 years
  10. Bachelor of Technology in Hospitality and Tourism Management (Top-Up) - Weekends 3 Years
  11. Bachelor of Technology Mechanical Engineering (Top-Up) - Weekends  2 years
  12. Bachelor of Technology Mechatronics  - Regular  4 Years
  13. Bachelor of Technology Procurement and Supply Chain Management (Top-Up)  - Weekends  2 years
  14. Bachelor of Technology Renewable Energy Systems Engineering (Top-Up) -  Weekends  2 years
  15. Bachelor of Technology Secretaryship And Management Studies (Top-Up) - Weekends  2 years
  16. Bachelor of Technology Telecommunication (Top-Up) - Weekends  2 years
  17. Catering Certificate II - Regular  2 years
  18. Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) - Regular & Weekends  1 Year
  19. Construction Technician Course I - Regular 1 Year
  20. Construction Technician Course II - Regular    2 years
  21. Diploma In Business Studies-accounting Regular   (2 years)
  22. Diploma In Business Studies-marketing Regular ( 2 years)
  23. Diploma In Business Studies-secretaryship Regular 2 years
  24. Diploma In Business-management Regular (2 years)
  25. Diploma In Business-purchasing And Supply  Regular (2 years)
  26. Diploma In Business-statistics  Regular  (2 years )
  27. Diploma In Enterpreneurship Regular (2 years)
  28. Diploma In Information Technology (Regular) 2 years
  29. Diploma in Public Administration  Regular & Weekends  (2 years)
  30. Electrical Engineering Technician Part I Regular  (1 year)
  31. Electrical Engineering Technician Part II Regular  (1 year)
  32. Fashion Design & Textiles Certificate II Regular  (2 year)
  33. Higher National Diploma In Accountancy Regular & Weekends (3 years)
  34. Higher National Diploma In Automotive Engineering Regular & Weekends  (3 years)
  35. Higher National Diploma in Biomedical Engineering  Regular  (3 years)
  36. Higher National Diploma In Building Technology - Regular & Weekends  (3 years)
  37. Higher National Diploma In Civil Engineering - Regular & Weekends  (3 years)
  38. Higher National Diploma In Computer Network Management  - Regular  (3 years)
  39. Higher National Diploma In Computer Science  -  Regular  (3 years)
  40. Higher National Diploma In Environmental Management and Technology Higher National Diploma In Environmental
  41. Management and Technology - Regular  (3 years)
  42. Higher National Diploma in Fashion Design and Textiles - Regular (3 years)
  43. Higher National Diploma in Food Technology - Regular  (3 years)
  44. Higher National Diploma In Graphic Design - Regular  (3 years)
  45. Higher National Diploma In Hospitality Management - Regular & Weekends (3 years)
  46. Higher National Diploma In Marketing - Regular & Weekends (3 years)
  47. Higher National Diploma In Mechanical Engineering - Regular & Weekends (3 years)
  48. Higher National Diploma in Medical Laboratory Science - Regular  (3 years)
  49. Higher National Diploma in Post Harvest Technology  Regular  (3 years)
  50. Higher National Diploma In Purchasing And Supply  Regular & Weekends  (3 years)
  51. Higher National Diploma In Renewable Energy Systems Engineering - Regular (3 years)
  52. Higher National Diploma In Secretaryship And Management Studies - Regular & Weekends  (3 years)
  53. Higher National Diploma In Statistics- Regular (3 years)
  54. Mechanical Engineering Technician Part I - Regular (1 Year)
  55. Motor Vehicle Technician Part I - Regular  (1 Year)
  56. Motor Vehicle Technician Part II - Regular  (1 Year)
  57. Pre-hnd Hospitality - Regular  - 1 Year

How To Apply For Koforidua Technical University 
 Applicants can only apply online via Koforidua Technical University online application portal. The procedure is as follows:

  1. Ghanaian Applicants for HND and Non-HND programmes are to make a payment of One Hundred and Fifty Ghana Cedis (GH¢150.00) and B’Tech applicants are to make a payment of One Hundred and Sixty Ghana Cedis (GH₵160.00) for the Koforidua Technical University On-line Serial Numbers (OSN) E-Vouchers at any Fidelity Bank, Zenith Bank and Ghana Commercial Bank (GCB) branches throughout the country.
  2. Foreign Applicants can purchase E-Vouchers online with Zenith Bank Global pay platform using any VISA Card enabled for online purchase at the cost of ($50.00)

Applicants can also purchase admission voucher with Short Code by dialling *966*3*540# (All networks) and follow the procedure below

  •  Select the specific Form to purchase. (The name and the amount are displayed
  • Enter Full Name of the Applicant
  • Enter Option 1 to proceed
  • Select payment option
  • Enter Option 1 to confirm payment or Option 2 to cancel payment
  • Authorize payment
  • A bill prompt or notification is sent to the applicant’s phone
  • The applicant is asked to enter a PIN (this is the code applicant used in registering MM)
  • When a correct PIN is entered successfully, payment is deducted.
  • After a successful payment deduction, SERIAL NUMBER and PIN is sent to the applicant by SMS
  • Proceed to the next instruction (4.) after receipt of the e-Voucher

4.Access the Online forms by visiting our online application portal at with the e-voucher

5. When completing the online forms, applicants will be required to upload their passport size photographs and result slips/certificates. Note: Photographs must be on a white background.
6. Applicants awaiting results are eligible to apply.
Online applications should be submitted not later than Friday, December 31, 2021.

For further details on the online application process and the available programmes of study for the 2021/2022 academic year, please visit Applicants can only apply online via Koforidua Technical University online application portal.

Postal Address
Koforidua Technical University
Post Office Box KF-981
Eastern Region
Ghana Post GPS
Email Address :

Telephone Directory
Office Telephone
Help desk
(+233) 034 229 3005
Student Services Dept.
(+233) 034 229 0311
Admission office
(+233) 0342293705
Director (Int. Relations)
+233 034 229 3974
VC Secretariat
(+233) 034 229 3002
Laison Office
(+233) 030 396 1714

Technical University
Post Office Box KF-981
Koforidua. Eastern Region


GP Digital Address



Koforidua, Eastern, Ghana


Koforidua Technical University (K.T.U)

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