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The Coastal Development Authority (CODA) was established to, inter alia, help accelerate economic and social development in 109 constituencies and six regions of Ghana through the implementation of the Infrastructure for Poverty Eradication Programme (IPEP) uner the Ministry for Special Development Initiatives (MSDI).

The Coastal Development Authority Act (CODA), 2017 (ACT 961), which established the Authority, states the following as the objectives of the Authority;

  • To accelerate economic and social development in the Coastal Development Zone through strategic direction in
    the planning and prioritisation of development projects;
  • To mobilize public resources, including financial resources and private and public investments for the accelerated economic and social development of the Coastal Development Zone
  • To coordinate development activities in the Coastal Development Zone with the aim of ensuring that Public resources are effectively utilized; and Private sector investments achieve maximum development impact to reduce poverty and deprivation in every part of the Zone; and Formulate and implement initiatives towards achieving gender equality and empowerment of vulnerable groups in the Coastal Development Zone.

The functions of the Authority, for the realisation of its objects are to;

  • Design a comprehensive development strategy
  • Establish structures for the effective implementation of the comprehensive development strategy
  • Facilitate processes for concensus building amongst key relevant stakeholders
  • Establish a co-ordinated system of resource mobilisation for the Coastal Development Zone
  • Establish venture capital or other risk finance instruments or institutions to mobilise finance for investments
  • Implement programmes to maximise the economic and social development potential of the Coastal Development Zone
  • Facilitate private sector development initiatives
  • Cause the execution of relevant projects in a community
    in the Coastal Development Zone that will stimulate the
    modernization of the fishing industry, salt industry and
    agricultural development and competitiveness of small
    scale farmers and fishers through irrigation and other
    improved technology and promote efficiency for the
    domestic and export market
  • Stimulate investments and business developments to
    create jobs and increase incomes and many more...

The Coastal Development Authority designed the CODA Drive to eradicate poverty and create wealth for commercial drivers, okada, and Pragya riders.

CODA Drive is a four-passenger quadricycle used for short commutes within the inner city.
The new initiative is also expected to help address road safety within the Coastal Development Zone.

Requirements of beneficiaries (Non-Okada riders)
To qualify as a beneficiary of the CODA Drive initiative, an individual or small business:
1. Must be a member of any farmers, fishers, taxi drivers, ‘Okada’ riders or ‘Aboboyaa’ riders association for at least a year.
2. Must be resident within the Coastal Development Zone (Oti, Volta, Greater Accra, Central, Western, and Western North regions)
3. Must possess a valid driver’s license, minimum Class B.
4. Must be a member of CODA Credit Union and possess a CODA Credit Union membership card.
5. Must complete an application form that should be endorsed by two guarantors.

Requirements of Okada riders
To qualify as a beneficiary, an okada rider:
1. Must possess a Ghana Card.
2. Must possess a valid driver’s license, minimum Class B.
3. Must surrender their registered motorbike.

Price and Payment

1. The price of the vehicle is GHS 25,000.00.
2. The payment shall be on hire-purchase.
3. An individual or small business who is selected to benefit must make an initial payment of 40% of the selling price.
4. The balance with an interest rate of 2% per annum shall be spread over 24-month equal installments.
5. Based on the hire-purchase agreement, the Authority shall have ownership of the vehicle until payment is completed by the buyer/beneficiary. As such, all documents to the vehicle shall be held by the Authority until payment is completed.

All CODA Drive vehicles are insured before they are distributed.




Accra, Greater Accra, Ghana


Coda Ghana

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