The Ghana Publishing Company Limited (GPCL), formerly Assembly Press, exists primarily to print and publish very high quality books and stationery for Educational Institutions, Government Departments and the General Public at competitive prices.

We aim at nothing but the best in all our Services. As a Printing and Publishing Company, our values drive us to offer World-class services to our clients and the general public.

Our Vision

To be the meaning of excellence in the printing and publishing industries. We aim at nothing but the best in all our services.

Our Mission

We exist primarily to print and publish very high quality books and stationery for Educational Institutions, Metropolitan Municipal and District Assemblies and the General Public at competitive rates.

How Assembly Press became Ghana Publishing Company Limited

Ghana Publishing Company (formerly called Ghana Publishing Corporation) was incorporated on March 9, 1965 under Legislative Instrument No. 413, and subsequently amended by L.I. 672 of December 11, 1970 to take over the functions of the former Government Printing Department and the Administration of the Government Free Textbook Schemes.

The Assembly Press was converted into a Limited Liability Company under the Statutory Corporations (Conversion to Companies) Act 461, 1993, and re-named Ghana Publishing Company Limited in 2007.

GPCL - Products & Services

The Ghana Publishing Company Limited, or Assembly Press, offers the following services to its customers.

  1. Stationary Services: The Stationery Services business unit is responsible for the production of standard documents, such as medicine registers for local clinics, patient cards for hospitals and leave application forms.
  2. Publication Services: Publications and hard copy items such as maps, aviation logbooks, road traffic signs manuals, motor vehicle forms patent journals and terminology dictionaries, as well as self-help books created to assist with the social.
  3. Consulting Services: The GPCL employs professionals with numerous years of knowledge and experience in the fields of printing and security printing.
  4. Gazette Services: The GPCL is the custodian of a host of government publications: tender bulletin, regulation gazettes, provincial gazettes, national gazettes and legal notices.
  5. Printing Services: The GPCL provides three disciplines related to the manufacturing of printed matter, being origination, printing, and finishing, as well as related specialized services. We offer general printing services, some of which are listed below;
    1. Waybills,
    2. Store Ledger Books,
    3. Letterhead Forms,
    4. Flat Files,
    5. Posters,
    6. Receipt Books,
    7. Calendars, and
    8. Certificates.
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