Plush - Satin De Luxe; is a brand in fashion and style that brings luxury and class into your homes.

We don’t only keep you looking and feeling good all year round; our satin lines are specifically tailored to suit your skin and hair needs. Gentle, comfortable, yet stylish.

Our products include Satin pillowcases, which eliminate the occurrence of sleep wrinkles and do not strip away the much needed moisture in your skin.

Your hair is kept frizz free and retains its moisture, keeping your curls looking fresh the morning after. Our Sleep masks keep the gentle skin under your eyes protected, and their blackout effect ensure better sleep quality overtime.

Plush - Satin De Luxe bonnets and scrunchies are gentle on the hair and reduce tension breaks in hair. When paired with our satin pillowcases, they give added protection to your beautiful tresses.

Shop our soon to come bedroom robes, luxury nightwear for both males and females, and our unique lounge wear designs.

We serve you only the best; you deserve it!


Accra, Ghana

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  • 28 September 2021 4:48 am local time

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