Luxurious Family Group of Companies is one of the fastest thriving marketing groups in Ghana now. LFGC is into the marketing and distribution of general goods and products. We can partner and help each other thrive together in the marketing and distribution of all general goods

  1. We have in containers training kits
  2. From massaging kits, color hair dye* *can spray, massaging bed, revoflex, Tobi one hand iron, handy sewing machine handy joint to joint massage vibrator, waist heating long cloth for the slim stomach, hand creams, room refreshes, body splash, electronic both ladies and men shaving machine, tightening the corset, and slimming stomach concerts, chargeable smaller handy fans chargeable light bulbs, etc
  3. In all brands and sizes, you may need.

Tema, Ghana

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  • 23 October 2021 12:45 pm local time

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