Starwin Products Ghana Limited produces generic products acquired from its parent American Pharmaceutical Company in 1960 but under new brand names, and has since introduced additional brands to its original brands.

Starwin Products Ghana Limited began as the Ghana branch of Sterling Products International in 1960; having its name changed in 1993. In 1976, under the Ghanaian government's indigenization program, the company sold 50% of its stock to entrepreneurs in Ghana. In 1987, Sterling, the original company, was bought by Kodak, and Starwin Products was born. In January 13, 2004 Starwin became a public limited liability company and in December 2004 the company was listed on the Ghana Stock Exchange. Dannex Limited is a majority shareholder in the business, having 71.3% of the shares.

Starwin Products Ghana Limited manufactures and markets generic pharmaceutical and consumer health products for the local Ghana market and for export. The company produces a range of analgesics, antacids/laxatives, anti-allergies, multivitamins and haematinics. Its analgesic range includes Rapiriol, Paracetemol and Painoff; anti-allergics include Asmadrin and Star Cold tablets; antacids include Starwins Milk of Magnesia and Starwins Liver Salt; syrups include Paraking, Expectolyn and Starprovite.


Accra, Greater Accra, Ghana


Starwin Products Ghana Limited

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