Savana Essence is into the production of Natural and Organic oils like Baobab oil,Neem oil, Castor oil,Shea oil, Shea butter,Cocoa butter and organic powders like Neem powder, Moringa Powder, Baobab powder. Contact us for your wild honey and beeswax as well as handmade soaps


Bolgatanga, Ghana

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  • 23 October 2021 11:44 am local time

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    • Avatar of Mrscobbina
      5 March 2021 at 5:42 pm

      My first order with this company was about a month ago or so. She sent me old expired oil and told me that it was fresh oil but that she changed the label to an old label that very morning. I had patience. I didn’t give up on the business.

      I let my husband make the second order this week. The tone of which she dealt with my Ghanaian husband was alot more firm and brisk, no politeness at all like that of which was extended to me, a foreigner from UK. She didn’t even inform him when the order would arrive or shipment details. He had to ask for it both times, as opposed to giving this information to me freely and promptly. I dislike Ghana people who treat foreign people like royalty and their own people roughly. It is unbecoming to say the least.

      So the order arrived this morning, after much chagrin we was able to meet a guy at Accra Mall to collect it. It was sent in a single plastic bag, holes all over, in these covid times is it fair to package goods to be exposed? All the way from Bolgatanga?? Our telephone number was written incorrectly. If we did not call and chase up the order things would have been more difficult. I ordered several items, the dates were rubbed off of all the oils and the cocoa butter felt light. I weighed it on my scale. 940g in the black rubber it was sent in. 60g short of a kilo.

      So I called her, I asked her why she sent us 940g instead of 1kg. She was very upset, she was not apologetic, she was not understanding. She was shouting over me and would not allow me to speak. She said she gets 100s of orders and mistakes happen then she hung up the phone on me.

      If you decide to order from this company please check dates and weight of all items. She is a charlatan and a thief.

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