Premium Place Investments Limited (PPI) is a licensed investment management and advisory services firm engaged in Investment Advisory and Fund Management services. We also provide asset management and investment research services. Our main products are Managed Individual and Institutional Accounts.

The company attaches urgency with speed to make sure our cherished and prospective clients are satisfied and will be willing to come back and also recommend us to others. Our vision is to be a leader in the Investment Advisory Services sector by placing premium on the Investments of our clients.


To be a leader in the Investment Advisory Services sector by placing premium on the Investments of our clients


Our mission is to apply specialist investment management skills in creating value for our clients and shareholders and exercising uncompromising standards of excellence and ethics in all aspects of our business


  1. To improve the speed and quality of service to clients, using state-of-the art technology
  2. To build a strong corporate image
  3. To concentrate and expand market share of PPI in the investment management industry
  4. To provide superior returns to all categories of clients

 Our Services Include : 

Individual Accounts

PPI manages discretionary accounts for its clients. This product is targeted at providing the best  financial products and services for the utmost maximization of our clients investment objectives and to preserve their assets for their own benefit as well as that of future generations after them. Portfolios are tailored to specific client objectives.

We offer active portfolio management together with efficient administration to allow individuals to benefit from the expertise of experienced fund managers.

Institutional Accounts

As the economy of Ghana grows increasingly sophisticated, various pools of funds which were traditionally invested in bank deposits or Treasury Bills and Notes are now looking for opportunities to increase their yield by re-allocating funds towards high return equities and money market instruments. PPI offers fund management services, which target the following:

  1. Provident Funds
  2. Endowment Funds
  3. Welfare Funds
  4. Pension Funds

Pension Funds

With the ascent of the new Pensions Act 766 we have intensified our focus not only on managing institutional pension funds but also on creating tailored solutions and services for pension funds and employers like you. It is our dream to be instrumental in transforming the lives of thousands of retirees in Ghana through sustainable pension fund management for pension schemes of employers and corporate trustees.

Premium Place Investments unparalleled Pensions’ service provides not only Pension Fund Management but extra value including Retirement Life Planning and Personal Financial Planning to ensure both preparedness for and financial independence at retirement.


28 Fourth Street,
V.C.R.A.C Crabbe Avenue
Tesano, Accra.

GPA: GA-207-6571


P.O. Box CT 6578

+233 302 227838/ +233 307 034122/ + 233 303 971320


GP Digital Address



Accra, Greater Accra, Ghana

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