Pensions Alliance Trust (PAT) is a registered and licensed Trustee company capable of handling all issues regarding (2nd tier) occupational as well as (3rd tier) voluntary contributions of your organisation.

Our Products & Services

  1. Occupational Pension Fund Management: The occupational pension scheme is aimed at making lump sum payment to beneficiaries at retirement from your 5% contribution. Our staff are endowed with a wealth of information from the provisions of the law, regulators and the market to ensure that you are delighted with the earnings on your 2nd tier contributions, thereby rewarding you with a handsome lump sum payment at retirement.
  2. Voluntary Pension Fund Management: Our 3rd tier products are tailor-made to suit your current financial and lifestyle status, with the objective that you do not have to live below your current economic status when you retire. We will support your company or business to establish a formidable provident fund scheme, group personal schemes and personal pension schemes.
  3. Designing your Product: PAT recognizes that you may have special requirements that no other client has. Our dedicated staff, therefore, sits with you to carefully design products that align your desires and needs to your retirement income. The scheme can be set up and managed as either master or employer sponsored.
  4. Group Schemes: Associations, friends, colleagues, employees and all qualified members of our society now have the opportunity to decide how they want to live during retirement. We give you the chance to join or form a scheme that we administer professionally to make your dreams come true. You have the choice of forming an original group or join one of ours, and still enjoy world class fund administration services and high earnings on your investment.

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  • Address: House No. 3, 55A Kakramadu Link, East Cantonments, Accra.
  • Tel: +233 (0)288 995 530 / (0)288 995 531 / +233 (0)302 775349 / (0)302 798652
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  • Mailing Address: P.O. Box CT9860, Cantonments, Accra
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