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Sep 09
Bank Charges in Ghana: Full Survey of Bank Charges – 2021

How much bank charges do customers pay in Ghana? How much are you paying your bank for…

Sep 07
Interest Rates in Ghana – Banks with the Best Lending Rates – 2021

What are the interest rates in Ghana? Data on the first quarter of 2021 released by…

Sep 06
List of Custodian Banks in Ghana

In Ghana’s Securities Industry Act, 2016 (Act 929), a custodian is used to refer…

Aug 23
7 Signs Your Bank is Going Bankrupt

How do you know if your bank is going bankrupt? What are the determinants of impending…

Aug 17
Investing in Stocks: How to Measure a Firm’s Profitability

Investing in stocks? How do you measure the profitability of a firm you intend to…

Aug 06
Licensed Investment Advisory Firms in Ghana

Who are the licensed investment advisory firms in Ghana as of 2021? What does an…