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Light House Chapel International  is  a Pentecostal Christian Denomination founded in 1987 by Dag Heward-Mills and headquartered in Accra, Ghana. It is considered to be one of the leading Pentecostal/Charismatic denominations in Ghana, and has over 3000 branches in Africa, Europe, Asia, the Caribbean, Australia, the Middle East and the Americas.

It seemed like a lonely journey devoid of success, when Bishop Dag Heward-Mills began ministering the Christian Gospel in Accra, Ghana. This vision seems to continue unabated. This vision has birthed Lighthouse Chapel International and many other ministries.

The Church, in 1992 then renovated and converted an old cinema in the Korle Gonno area into a large cathedral seating over 3000 people. From there Dag began to teach on church planting and sent out many missionaries to start branches of the Lighthouse Chapel in other nations, towns, and cities of the world. Korle Gonno Cathedral was considered as headquarters of LCI, from April 1993 to December 2005.[1] The building was renamed "Light of the World Cathedral" in 2010.

In January 2006, "The Qodesh" became the headquarters of LCI, in the North Kaneshie suburb of Accra, Ghana.The building has a seating capacity of 10000. Two chapels are named after bishops Addy and Sackey, and a third is named after Adelaide Heward-Mills, wife of the LCI leader and now first lady and reverend minister of Lighthouse Chapel. The Adelaide chapel includes a beautiful Bell Tower.

In 2011, the Qodesh had an attendance of 2,500. The Qodesh holds multiple services in various chapels on the complex every day of the week. Services are conducted in Twi, French, and English. There are also separate services for youth and children, as well as meetings devoted to prayer, water baptism, and healing.

The Qodesh means "The Holy Hill"  and is the largest megachurch in Ghana. Led by other Bishops of LCI, from dawn to dusk and beyond their constant services and meetings. Throughout the three morning services, starting at 6.30 AM and the early evening service at 4.00 pm (for young people).

The Qodesh has hosted many renowned Christian Speakers such as Charles E. Blake, Benny Hinn, Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams, Larry Stockstill, Richard Roberts and Mosa Sono.

In 2016, Lighthouse Chapel International became United Denomination Originating from the Lighthouse Group of Churches (UD-OLGC).

Humanitarian implication
The denomination maintains a humanitarian ministry to widows, prisoners, the blind, and the poor in society as well as the sick.It also founded an orphanage, the Lighthouse Christian Children's Home, to cater for orphans and a primary school, the Lighthouse Christian Mission School (now St. Adelaide Schools) to ensure their education. There is also a hospital, The Lighthouse Mission Hospital & Fertility Center (LMHFC). These outfits are under the management of Heward-Mills' wife, Lady Rev. Adelaide Heward-Mills.

Dag Heward-Mills

Qodesh, Accra, Ghana



UD-OLDC's mission statement lists the following:

1. To build 25,000 churches
2. To have Churches in 190 countries
3. To fight fiercely and relentlessly in all battles for the advancement of the churches and the Gospel
4. To produce radical Christians who work for God
5. To go to heaven and to hear Jesus say - "Well done, good and faithful servant"
6. To build 7 cathedrals in 7 major cities in each nation as part of the 190 nations campaign.


The Church is against prosperity theology.

UD-OLDC is a member of the National Association of Charismatic and Christian Churches (NACCC) and the Pentecostal World Fellowship.




North Kaneshie, Accra, Greater Accra, Ghana


Light House Chapel

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